Chronicles of the New West

A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Serial

Book One: "Pilgrimage"

This is the first installment in the "Chronicles of the New West." The first book will available for free reading here on this page and at  The subsequent volumes will be published as e-books on Amazon and other places, and will be available for download for a small fee.

Synopsis for Book 1 "Pilgrimage":  It's two weeks before Apprentice Gunslinger Graeme Walsh's sixteenth birthday and his coming-of-age, when he will take his Oath and become a proper Gunslinger at last.  By tradition, he will make his pilgrimage to the Sacred Armoury in Fort Whistler from his home on the outskirts of the city-state of Reno.  He is accompanied by his headstrong fourteen-year-old sister Piper; young Courtesan Esme de Winter; tribal hunter Chik-cha of the Mantis People; gnome inventor and steam engineer Wesson Smith; barkeeper turned snake oil salesman, the Alchemist  Reginald Woodhouse; slave gladiator turned bodyguard Joshua; Artificer Dani St. Vincent, and ex-whore enchantress Molly.  Their way is barred by raiders and "Black Hats" which is what the Gunslingers call those of their number who have turned to darkness. and Graeme learns that a Gunslinger's road is paved with bullets and blood.

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